Literacy Resources for Teachers (Grades K-1): 
Concepts About Print

VIDEO - Concepts About Print        TIP SHEET – Concepts About Print       ACTIVITIES – Concepts About Print

Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words

VIDEO - Hearing & Recording Sounds        TIP SHEET – Hearing & Recording Sounds       ACTIVITIES – Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words

Letter Identification

VIDEO - Letter Identification        TIP SHEET – Letter Identification      ACTIVITIES – Letter Identification

Phonemic Awareness

VIDEO - Phonemic Awareness        TIP SHEET – Phonemic Awareness       ACTIVITIES – Phonemic Awareness

Reading Skills

VIDEO - Reading Skills        TIP SHEET – Reading Skills


VIDEO - Rhyming        TIP SHEET – Rhyming      ACTIVITIES – Rhyming

Sight Reading

VIDEO - Sight Reading        TIP SHEET – Sight Reading      ACTIVITIES – Sight Reading

Symbol to Sound Identification

VIDEO - Symbol to Sound        TIP SHEET – Symbol to Sound       ACTIVITIES – Symbol to Sound

Writing Vocabulary

VIDEO - Writing Vocabulary        TIP SHEET – Writing Vocabulary       ACTIVITIES – Writing Vocabulary

A boy wearing glasses reads a book in a library.