Literacy Resources for Parents (Grades 4-5):
Here you will find videos, tip sheets, and do-at-home activities for a number of important reading skills for your 4th or 5th grader.

Pronouncing New Words (Word Analysis) –  Pronounce and understand more advanced words

VIDEO - Word Analysis         TIP SHEET – Word Analysis       ACTIVITIES – Word Analysis

Understanding New Words (Word Meaning) – Figure out the meaning of words

VIDEO - Word Meaning        TIP SHEET – Word Meaning       ACTIVITIES – Word Meaning

Understanding What One Reads (Reading Comprehension) – Understanding what one is reading

VIDEO - Reading Comprehension        TIP SHEET – Reading Comprehension       ACTIVITIES – Reading Comprehension

Learning Important Features of Text and Books (Text Features) – Find important information in books and text

VIDEO - Text Features        TIP SHEET – Text Features       ACTIVITIES – Text Features (2018)

Five children read a book together.