School success involves everyone

School success starts from birth. At this site you will find resources, tip sheets, and activities to help children gain the skills and motivation to succeed in school. Our goal is to provide the tools and ideas for every child to be successful in school—and for every classroom to be a place where children can learn and thrive.


Parents are the first and most important teachers for children. Parents can help their children do better in school by doing learning activities with their children, showing interest in how they are doing in school, and connecting with teachers and


This site contains a number of ideas, strategies, and activities for boosting children’s learning. Teachers can find resources for activities on a variety of curriculum areas plus positive ways to connect with parents and families around children’s learning.


Engaging parents is a critical and worthwhile step for schools. When schools and parents act as partners, they create a powerful environment for children’s learning and school success. We have included several programs and resources for schools to use to

Who We Are

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is a statewide network of educators sharing unbiased, research-based information and expertise on issues important to Nevada families and schools. With over 100 years of outreach from the University, we are dedicated to healthy children, families, and communities.